These games on different topics have been developed for playing in the classroom.
These can be played before, during or after a project to make learning fun for students.

Succession game

This card game aims to show to students the normal
chronological settlement of fouling organisms on a disc.

Game cards: Print double-sided on DIN A4 paper 4 images on one page.
You will have 8 images on one leaf front and back.
Cut the images and laminate in 75 mm x 105 mm laminating sleeves.
Rules: Print double-sided on DINA4 Paper. Fold in the middle.

Download cards (pdf files)
Instructions and rules


VIRTUE-s Domino Card game

A different kind of domino game.
The larval stage of a species is connected
end-to-end with its adult stage.
Only common fouling organisms are included









Mother and Baby Memory

A not too easy memory card game.
The players will have to pair the adult
stage with the larval stage of an organism.